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Friday, August 27, 2010



It is official, I am behind in all my sewing projects. I am so far behind that I still have one BOM that I should of picked up three weeks ago. All I can say is, it is that time of year, summers are just busy.  Even though the summer weather is a pit odd out here there are still things in the garden to tend to,  and Model T runs to do while the sun is out.

I had been asking and searching around for a recipe for "mustard pickles". My grandmother used to make them. They are hard to find and there was a time I could stock up on them during the holidays. Even that has left me empty handed the last couple of years.  Last month I finally got a recipe from a neighbors mother. So he showed up on our doorstep not only with the recipe but a jar of pickles. So this week was pickle making week.  There are 13 pints of bread and butters, 10  pints of zucchini pickles, and 14 pints of mustard pickles

that should work huh. Now the kitchen clean up. I have done everything i can do to avoid this, including leaving the house!

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Ela said...

Esti din Romania?!!