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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Supporting Our Military

As most of you know I support our military and families whenever I can. I am grateful for them. Without our military there would would be no America as we know it today.  Here are a couple of places where help is needed.

Support Our Military with Your Sewing Skills

I urge all of you to find a place in your heart to support our military and their families.
If you read this web page "Soldiers Angels"  you will see you can use your sewing, knitting, crocheting skills, maybe you could "adopt a solder".  There are over 20 links on the lower right hand side to find a way to support them. Even if you are a non sewer, be a letter writer, send a card,  Operation Phone Home, send packages to the wounded at Landsstuhl Germany.  Your support is needed.

Do you enjoy your morning coffee? I bet our military would too. I have been doing this faithfully for the last several months.  Every Friday morning I send out coffee passes so someone can walk into the coffee shop and have a cup of coffee.  Several times I have received an email from someone in Iraq, Germany or Afghanistan. Every email is full of appreciation.

A Cup Of Coffee to Share

Remember, our military and veterans have been there for you. Be there for them.