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Saturday, March 21, 2009

34 Matching Blocks

I am just coming in to show you what I have been doing with my sewing machine.

I signed up for a swap and the only rules were 12 1/2 inches and something to do with floral.

Oh now doesn't that open a lot of ideas for most of us. My first step was to rummage through my stash to see what I had. It was my lucky day and I found three matching fabrics. There was a solid one too so I wanted to find a small embroidery design to use.

My first attempt at cutting was a disaster and I panicked that I would not have enough fabric for 34 blocks. Back to the thinking block and this is the pattern I came up with. When I started recutting my fabrics it dawned on me that the kids were coming home from Japan on leave, staying at our house..........yikes.....cancell the swap.

I stuck it out made 34 matching blocks without embroidery. A blank solid piece of fabric will call out to anyone with an embroidery machine. I was being nice and didn't know it, wasn't I.
These go out in the mail Monday so I am not late.

I have to to run. The stuffed turkey is in the oven, six of the seven grandbabies are here. One is sick on the couch. Oh, and one of the three grandfirbabies is here. A couple of the dads and DH are at the gun show (hope they bring me home a surprise). Man, I should of gone to the gun show and left the cooking to all the girls.

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