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Friday, March 06, 2009

Gracie Pants

Gracie is in need of new pants so I purchased a couple of pair for her. She will be here to spend the weekend with us so I thought I thought I would get these ready for us. The embroidery is done over the outside seam area.

The first step was to be brave enough to cut the jeans from one inseam to the other. Yikes, I hope these go back together.

I combined several modular flowers and a heart I had collected, combined them into one design from my computer. The next step was to stitched it on the jeans.

The design ended up being 9 x 5 inches; a bit larger than I wanted. While I was at it and both legs were open I stitched the same design on the other leg even though they sit differently. A 3-year-old will never tell and neither will you.


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