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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Crazy Quilting Group

I am leaving this information on my blog so that all of you can check out the new "Crazy Quilting" group. Many of us belong to several but hopefully you will have the room or time to join one more.

This group is new, swaps 8 1/2 inch blocks which are randomly swapped. Most of the members have embroidery machines. Do not let that scare you away if you do not have an embroidery machine.

In the past, I have completed all of my crazy quilting by hand. I am learning a new concept here, making the block using my embroidery machine. It should save me some time.

Come on in and join the creativity.
Use this link to find us: "Crazy Quilting"


Susan said...

I love your heart picture at the top. I recognize that peacock block. Mine is on it! One of the prettiest ones I ever did. =)

Maybe a little later this summer, when we are settled for a few months, I will have time to join. I couldn't keep up all year, though.

Candi said...

Some beautiful work there! I'd like to check it out later, have to tie up a lot of loose ends. Thanks!