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Monday, February 09, 2009

When Will Spring Arrive

Many of of us are looking for signs of "SPRING". Winter has been hard for everyone. There have been floods and outrages snow storms with ice.

I bundled up for the mid-30 temperatures to talk a walk around in my garden areas yesterday, peeking for any sign the season would change soon. I was in luck, the crocus's are coming up and the daffodils are showing too. They are almost 2 inches tall right now. The weeds are already sprouting pretty pesty greens. They are hard to pull when the ground is frozen.

Soon, soon we will have warmer weather so the flowers can bloom and more weeds can grow.

I even see the fruit trees showing off new buds. I am sure this will attract the Elk.
This weekend is Valentine's Day. However, you want to celebrate it make it a special day. It can be as simple as some favorite cookies in a packed lunch, a special desert after dinner, or a card of appreciation for someone, an email to someone you do not hear from often, or a phone call. This is where random acts of kindness fit in. Do something different make it special.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Glad there are some signs of spring out there! Still sounds so cold.

Your hearts at the bottom would make a great applique or embroidery design. =)