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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Information on OED

There are many easily identifiable symptoms of OED. Having any or all of the known symptoms is cause for concern. Generally, if you suffer from more than three of the symptoms listed below, you are suffering from this disorder and should seek help. These are just some of the known symptoms of OED. There are many more, some of which have yet to be identified. Further symptoms will be added to the list as they are discovered.
You suffer from OED if you:

  • Would never dream of leaving the house without wearing embroidery
  • Named your embroidery machine(s)
  • Have actually read all or part of your machine manual(s)
  • Think two embroidery machines is still not enough
  • Have more embroidery designs than recipes
  • Cooking has become foreign to you
  • Belong to more than three online embroidery groups
  • Think nothing of ripping out seams in garments so you can embroider on them
  • Have more embroidery thread than your racks will hold
  • Spend more time with your machine than your family
  • Have been surprised to learn that you have three kids living at home, not two
  • Think Technicolor refers to thread charts
  • Are trying to figure a way to embroider your car seats
  • Never hear the phone ring because your machine is running
  • Turn your machine on before the coffee pot every morning
  • Never turn your machine off
  • Ask for stabilizer instead of jewelry for your birthday
  • Try to convince your law enforcement friends that bullet proof is not good
  • Think sewing just one design on a garment is a sign of weakness
  • Envision your living room carpet as an interesting fill stitch pattern
  • Look inside garments in stores to see what stabilizer was used
  • Can't wait until your spouse leaves town so you can embroider all night
  • Look for R/A or Pantone color numbers on cans of house paint
  • Think of dust bunnies as household pets
  • Design monograms in the dust on the coffee table with your finger
  • Never give a gift without having embroidered on it first
  • Can't relax to sleep unless the machine is running in the background
  • When visiting, you drive instead of flying so you can take your supplies
I ran across this from another site. I thought I would post it here so all of us could feel better about.......OED. It's not my fault.

1 comment:

Susan said...

That's so funny! Most of us could put our favorite thing in, if it isn't embroidery, and it would still be true. =)