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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lizzie' s Bees

It has been called to my attention that I have been the absent blogger. I do have to admit that i have thought about my blog. This is does not count though. More on this in a minute.

Lizzie's Bees!! I have been working on this for the last year and when October rolled around I felt successful. We are beekeepers and had just harvested our first batch of honey. Lizzie's Bees
was named after our model T, a 1923 Ford. This is also my label on our honey jars. Yes, that is our Lizzie there. When John and I looked at each other and said "Lizzie's Bees" we knew it was right. There is a web site for Lizzie's Bees but no shopping cart. The site shows you the process from the hive to honey.

The sad part about all of this is my health. This week I am told that I can not get stung anymore. I can wear my bee suit and all the garb and I am still capable of getting stung. I now need to carry an "epi pen" with me at all times. I have been stung many times and had no reaction to the sting. As time has gone on I developed an allergic reaction which worsened with each sting. The next time I get stung could be the fatal one. There are literally millions of people who deal with this situation. It is now a category which I have joined. I am no longer able to assist with the feeding and carry for our hives. I will need to rely on John and pictures for updates.

The bee's have been removed from the property. Not because of my allergies but due to a bear tearing up the hives. The bear tore apart the hives and strung frames all over the area. Bee's do not like temperatures under about 45 degrees and it was in the mid 30's here. The bee's will literally kill themselves trying to keep warm which is impossible with they are outside the hive this time of year.

The first time the bear arrived we put it back together loosing half of the population. The second time the bear came and had a repeat performance we lost more bees. This is when we removed the hives about 3 miles away. The bear has returned but I snicker thinking we tricked him. I can tell when he is around, Max and Fritz get fidgety and nervous.

Needless to say, that with the bear around my 30-40 Krag is loaded and by the door. I do not go outside, nor do Max and Fritz unless I search the back yard. I called some friends who are hunters to come out and take care of this bear but hunting season ended November 15th. I contacted the game department and this situation does not qualify for a "nuisance permit". I wonder if this bear knows this?

Oh ya, this is my sewing blog. I almost forgot. Yes, I have been sewing when my health permits me to actually do something. I have changed my style of sewing with the use of the embroidery machine I purchased this time last year. I have taken photo's of the things I have made but they must be stuck in my computer. Or, when I was thinking about my blog they did not miraculously appear on my blog. What was I thinking!!

With this posting, I will promise to be alive and participate the best I can.

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Susan said...

Welcome back! So good to have you with us again. Your bee experiences sound scary! You keep that epi pen with you every minute - or where you can get to it instantly, and I mean instantly. My brother is allergic and the last time he was stung, it was about a minute and a half before he could get the injection in. His arm swelled to about 3 times it's normal size in that time. Frightening.

I can't believe they said you couldn't have a nuisance permit! It's on your property destroying things! Let them catch it and haul it back into the mountains then!