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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Model T Quilt

Last fall I finished our Model T quilt. The fabric was not my first choice but hunting for fabric with Model T's on it was only adding to my stash. That was not productive. The car is open on the sides, without windows and no heater. The engine does supply some heat coming through the floor.

I made the quilt large enough to cover the both of us and if I lay it just right the heat from the engine circulates under the quilt. The quilt is very warm and does the trick.

This is the motif in the light blocks. It is actually a piece of redwork I wanted to use. the design really pulled the quilt together and was done with my embroidery machine.

The rework motifs are directional. All of the motifs on the left point to the center and the right side does the same. The top and bottom of the quilt have two going in each direction.

This is my first attempt at printing on fabric too. There are four printed pictures in the center of the quilt. Right, left, front and back. The picture of the back has Max and Fritz in the small trunk.

The very center block has our name and location with a banner. The year and model of the car is within the banner. Again, done on the embroidery machine.

The quilt was made to keep us warm but also is rugged enough to really be used. You see, even though I had not been posting I was busy in the sewing room.


Susan said...

What an interesting quilt, Renea. I love it, thanks for posting the pictures.

Candi said...

Renea, it's great! You did a beautiful job on it.
hugz and Merry Christmas,