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Friday, April 25, 2008

More Fishing Grannies

It's the end of April I am getting ready for that annual fishing trip. The weather still has me inside most of the time so my machine is still hard at work.

In a previous post I had showed you my new fishing shirt. This fishing shirt is done for another one of the ladies that always goes too. I had to have her try on her shirt so make sure of the fit. She knows I am up to something but is used to me doing this.

Please note, on her shirt I did not give her a fish, nor did I put any line on her pole! Yes, I did this on purpose. Let's see if she notices. She does have red hair so I tried to do that. It's a bit on the orange side so maybe it was a bad dye job!

I purchased these embroidery designs on line at Julia's Needle Designs. She has so many "grannies" to choose from. She camps, she......check them out