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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Our Daffodil Parade

The clouds disappeared and we hit nearly 80 degrees. Our Spring Fling was getting under way in real Spring weather.

Every April the county has a "Daffodil Festival". There are several towns involved and all the parade entries go from town- to-town like it was a new day and a new parade. Our town is involved and the last town. The weather usually does not cooperate but delivers buckets of rain, hail and snow. This year was different. After having our high temperatures in the mid 40's the This was just for the day though because our current weather has not been above the mid 50's.

Most of you know that this winter we purchased a 1923 Ford, Model T. We were asked to bring "Lizzie" to the parade and escort an "Honarary Daffodilian". She is a personal friend of ours so we were delighted to do this for her. Lizzie does not have a heater or side windows which made me worry about keeping her warm. Who would know we did the parade with the top down!

What a great excuse to gather a few girlfriends to come up with ideas. Then the shopping and put decorations together.
It was a great day sun and everything! I mean sunglasses, no long sleeve shirts or coats.

The Seafair Pirates were around too and look who i met~~~~ haeee heeee!!! Way too much fun and such a long day. Do not ask because I am not admitting to anything!

Before I forget, and while I have "Lizzie" pictures out, look at this last photo closely. In between the front tires is a piece of embroidery I stitched up quickly. The name on it is the new business we have started. The product will be honey-pure and natural. the product will be ready this fall after harvest.

I am still working on my logo but this piece of stitchery has the main idea displayed. Now to change all this from .emb files to .jpegs. I can do it, I just need to find some more time.

We decided to call the business "Lizzie's Bee's" because the nickname for a Model T is "Tin Lizzie". If you would like to know more about this use this email and I will get back to you about our products.