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Friday, April 04, 2008

Fishing Grannie Stitch Out

Hello everyone!

It has been sometime since I have been to my blog posting. Right now, chances are I will still be behind the eight ball as far as posts. This is a busy time of the year out here AND I am getting ready for that annual fishing trip.

This year we are doing things a little different. It's an easy one, we increased our vacation time! I may have a problem with laundry for this trip which is easily solved by some pre-shopping before vacation time. I know, so sad huh!

Did you notice the picture on the right? I found her on Julia's Needle Designs
She does a fantastic job of digitizing these embroidery files with all of these 'Grannie's" doing ungrannie like things. So perfect for me. Today Julia came out with a Grannie sitting but the campfire......she would look great too!

I purchased several chambray shirts and will be using this design for the "grannies" in our fishing group. I will change the hair color and the color of the shirts to match each Grannie who receives a shirt. The colors in this stitch out are perfect for me. Notice the purple pole and don't forget the makeup! I never go anywhere without my hair done and makeup on. Those are the rules, even when I am fishing.

Time for me to run off again, the yard is calling me today.


Gerry said...

ROFL! This is wonderful. I love it! OMG, is it you??????

Charlene said...

What a cutie! Best of luck - hope you catch 'a mule'! (That's what my dad used to say for the biggest catch.)