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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1923 Model T "Tin Lizzy"

As you can see we brought this home with us. We could not resist her. She is commonly known as "Tin Lizzy"; she is a 1923 Model T. She looks good and there are very few things missing. We drove her home most of the way. We do not know what happened, but it is a FORD.

We ended up calling a friend who came with a trailer, loaded her up and put her under cover at home before the rain began.

After everyone went home John went out to start her and she started right up. Sounds like she is in need of a tune up. He has all winter to make sure she is in perfect shape for summer. I like the idea of when I leave I can make it home!


Susan said...

What a treasure! I guess when I am 84, I will be a little cranky about starting, too. =) What fun you will have next summer, watching people's heads turn!

Gerry said...

OMG, it's a big toy car! LOL. It's just beautiful. But how's the ride? Leave it to you to find such a fun and unique venture. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James said...

Looks like a nice car. If you are close to Issaquah we would like to invite you to tour/quilt with us next spring - summer. Stop by any time and take a look at out T's and sewing stuff.