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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Family Day

Anyone that knows us knows that we usually go several weekends in a row with family spending the weekends with us. This past weekend was no different. Well, just a little; it snowed for the grand kids and what fun they had!

If you notice by the outfits they were not prepared for this. Oh well, Nanna said lets go play and that they did.

The older boys had to leave Sunday to be at school on Monday so the girls thought they were the lucky ones this time since they got to stay behind a few more days.

Meanwhile, my sewing sits and waits. Soon I can post a few pieces of sewing from my new embroidery machine. I will be back soon, I still have Christmas sewing to do.


Susan said...

Oh, no wonder you haven't been posting, if you have those cute little ones around!

Dick0369 said...


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