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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Quilt Top Almost Complete

This past week my work outside has come to a quick halt. I fell in the gravel walkway where I was working. I am getting the yard ready for my nieces wedding on July 28th. I am now wearing this gorgeous blue boot all the way to my knee. It seems we shall be friends for at least
6 weeks. It should make for a great looking tan line!

At first I did not mind being stuck in the house because I began to think of my sewing room. My daughter gaga'd over some fabric I had found for myself and asked for a lap quilt. She said, "Oh mom, this would be perfect for my couch". She is a blue person and there is not one speck of blue in this quilt. Since I had only bought enough fabric for a table runner back to the store I went for more fabric. Not that I minded.

The top of the quilt is almost finished. The blocks are 6 inches. I am working on the borders. The final outside border will be done with the print fabric and will add about 5 inches to the overall size of the quilt. I still need to decide how to quilt this. Any suggestions?


Susan said...

Great top! I like the way you placed the fabrics, since it makes it look like rectangles, which fences usually are. I'd say curves. There's a modified Baptist Fan pattern for longarms, but I don't see why you couldn't draw it up and use it like those papers that are made for using on borders on the home sewing machines. I'll send a pic of it.

Solstitches said...

That turned out beautifully Renea.
I'm not experienced enough to offer quilting advice.
Will be interested to see what you choose to do.

Louisiana Momma said...

my novice opinion: quilt the blue/red/green/yellow rectangles with a running stitch with like a 1/4 inch "seam allowance"..again I am a novice :-)

Renea said...

I am not ready to start the quilting part of this yet so we will see.

I am still learning about how to do that in fact.

I do like the Baptist Fan idea but we will see after I practice it first.

Gerry said...

Good grief, woman! I think painting must be your bane. I'm so sorry to hear that you're laid up again. Is the knee okay this time? Well, at least it will get you out of some of the work. LOL. :-(

The quilt top is gorgeous. What a fun design. Personally, I would just throw it on the machine, free motion and go for it.

It you have any stencils, maybe you could map out a starting design. Good luck!

Candi said...

Renea, so sorry to hear about your demise:( That is so painful when it happns. Poor thing:( I love your quilt, the colors are just great!