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Friday, July 06, 2007

Teapot Table Topper

It's finished! I found some time to come inside and sew. Remember the Sewing Expo I went to and I purchased this bright yellow/orangy banana fabric? The appliqu├ęd blocks were done early this spring and were posted earlier this year. The quilt construction had been waiting for me. This can be used as a wall hanging or a table topper. The finished size is 33 x 33.

I have the quilt hanging on the back of my couch so when I walk by it is the first thing I see. I love how the colors compliment each other. I have always admired quilts done in bright yellow and blue and had never used them together until now.

It is too bad this was done for my daughter-in-law who is moving to Japan. If I had time between now and September I would make her another one and keep this one. I have gone through my stash checking for fabrics for this patter for me.
Now that this is finished and the weather is wonderful I need to get back outside and finish my projects for the July wedding. A few more weeds to pull and a little more paint on the house! I also need to plan the meal the day before the wedding. The wedding party will be here setting things up and a girlfriend is coming to help me decorate the deck area.


Charlene said...

Very pretty, Renea. Sounds as if you're on the downhilll side of preparing for the wedding. I hope there is beautiful weather, and that all the plans come together perfectly!

Louisiana Momma said...

the quilt is beautiful.. I love the teapots!! You have really inspired me to do a sane quilt :-)

Gerry said...

You did a great job with this, Renea. The colors are very fun together! You could always give your DDIL a rain-check and mail her one when it's finished :-)

Good luck with the wedding!!!

Solstitches said...

This little quilt is so cute I can see why you wouldn't want to part with it.
I've been looking back through your blog at your crazy quilting - everything you've done is so nice!