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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A July Wedding In Our Family

There is only one more weekend in July and that is saved for the wedding. Everyone has worked so hard making sure every detail is perfect. This has put everyone being at wits end, the bride and groom arguing over nothing. Add a little stress, some interesting family members and what do you have? I mean, who is going to pick up the bridesmaid dresses? If you are wearing one go get it!
The bride and groom were at our place for the weekend so we were able to go over a lot of details for her day. This included the groom spending time with John mapping out the yard for parking the vehicles, tents and rigs for the overnight guests. The bride spent time with me getting rid of the last few weeds in the flower beds. While they were here and I was able to show her everything but the crazy quilted photo album. I had to keep something a secret.
The past month I have been hiding out making things for the wedding. Pictured here, is her photo album, flower girl basket, pen and cake knife. I was lucky enough to find a tiara the perfect size for the flower girl too. It was at the grocery store!
This is the photo album which i crazy quilted all in white fancy fabrics. The color she is using is blue so there is a hint of blue in the embellishing.
The front cover is where I added the names of the bride and groom and the date of marriage. The printed bride and groom is framed by lace from the brides great grandmother.

On the back of the album I printed a layered wedding cake. There are various colors of blue silk ribbon roses at the base.

There were the fun things to do for the wedding. I included a fancy bow for Max and Fritz to wear. I have already given them haircuts for the special day. I am responsible for suppling "something borrowed", another suprise I will save for the last minute.


Gerry said...

Oh, Renea the album cover is just beautiful. Truly a lovely piece. I'm very excited for you all. I bet Fritz and Max are just charming gentlemen in their bows.

I hope you're feeling better and healing quickly. Hugs and kisses to all!

Solstitches said...

Hi Renea,
What a wonderful wedding album you've created! So pretty - I think the happy couple will love it.
The big day is almost here. You have worked very hard to make it special.

Charlene said...

Everything looks SO pretty. I know you are worn out, but delighted to do these things for the big day. Here's wishing the happy couple a wonderful day, and a joy filled life together!

Susan said...

Sounds like you are busy to the very last minute. The album is beautiful. How special that you have that piece of lace to use! Only a couple more days, then the frenzy . . . followed by peace and quiet.

Ati. Norway. said...

Renea, the album looks beautiful, it is a lovely gift to them.
I wish you all a very nice day.
En Hartelijk Gefeliciteerd met het Huwelijk!

Candi said...

Renea you did such a beautiful job on the album, it's just gorgeous! I know they're going to love showing it off! Both inside and outside:)

Dick0369 said...