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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Shopping Spree at the Sewing Expo

After announcing a shopping day at the Sewing Expo I wonder how many of you have checked back to see how the shopping went. I arrived at the gates at 8:30 a.m. and left about 5:30 p.m. What a wonderful day.

I have been carrying around this pattern for this dragon fly quilt. By the time I had been through every booth I had collected enough fabric and a little more to make this small quilt. Mostly batiks.

Who can pass by a deal on buttons and beads? Not me!

Here is my purchase of YELLOW! Don’t ask, I am not a yellow person. There is not one speck of yellow in my house. Out side you may find yellow daffodils that is it! So here I am with fat quarters of fabric with banana's on it! I just had to have it I guess. I may redo my thinking on this and see if I can set it off with some wonderful blues and omit the brown fabric. Then it will fit in my daughter in laws kitchen. It would make a nice gift for her. I can get his finished before they leave for Japan in the fall.

Then in another isle I found a project I could not leave behind! Tooth Fairy Pillows for Kendra, Elizabeth and Gracie! The angel holds the tooth, the striped fabric is the ruffle that goes around the pillow. On the back there is a place for names and birthdays. The finished size is about 12 x 12. I need to get busy because all three grand daughters have birthdays between March and July.

Here is some Spiderman fabric. An exhibitor had used it in a jacket but my grandson Kayden thinks he is "spidyman". I purchased enough fabric for a pillow case for him. He probably needs another pair of Spiderman jammies so one pair can be in the wash occasionally.

I also like snowmen! I purchased this Christmas fabric at $1 a yard. It was another one of those deals. Everyone knows we don’t leave good deals behind!

I found several booths of Heirloom sewing and checked out the trim. The purchases I made were from Oregon and another from Holland. I felt they had the best deals and sized I needed for Crazy Quilting. My purchase included yardage and motifs. Take a look at this photo.

It is hard to get a clear photo of the fat quarters because they are wrapped in shinny cellophane and I don’t want to take it apart just yet. The FQ kits included bobbin and thread to match. At $5 it was another one of those deals I had to have. When I got home I had wished I bought more.

There were also a lot of hand outs. Some were advertising from different shops. I came home with several magazines for quilting. It definitely was a great day! Thank goodness they were passing out shopping bags to help carry all the beautiful things. Bag check was good too because the bags kept ripping and became too heavy to carry.

What all this means is I need to hide out in my sewing room and get started. So if you don't hear from me for a while.......I am........actually sewing.


Charlene said...

Wow Wee, girl. We won't see you for ages, will we? All beautiful items, and bargains too boot. Great Job. I know you had a ball, and we'll be looking forward to seeing your results!

Susan said...

You bought some beautiful things, for regular quilting and for crazy quilting. Just beautiful colors of everything. I had several friends who had a little mini-retreat and went to the show, too. They all spent a ton of money. Must be a great show!

Ati. said...

Hi girl, you have spoiled yourself :) Now it is time to use all those georgeous batiks!
Nice lace and trims too.
I see, you have had a very nice day :))