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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sewing and Stitchery Expo~2007

I have a very busy day scheduled for tomorrow. A trip to the city for a day of shopping. The sewing expo is held at the county fair grounds each year. It is full of venders from the US, Europe, and Japan. I am sure there are more countries who are represented. As I start to plan my "shopping experience" I am seeing snow falling around me. There is no way that snow is going to interfer with this shopping day.

What will i fill my shopping bags with? I don't know!! I know that EdMar Threads will be there, I will look for lace trim, buttons, beads and charms. I will probably skip shopping the regulars like JoAnns, Hancocks because those stores are in my area. Martha Pullen will have a spot, she always brings laces.

They are listing the exhibitors at this link:

I will also look for "that perfect, gotta have it project" to do. Wish me luck!

I love the snow, but I am watching these huge fluffly flakes fall for hours on end this morning. Oh dear! I hope I am not just dreaming about this shopping day!

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