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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Friendship Star Table Runner

Here is an update on my Friendship Star table runner. I am pleased with the way all my triangles turned out. All the points are pointed just the way they are suppose to be.

The next step is to add the borders which are straight pieces. My original thought was to use the light green that I used inside the block but it is my least favorite color in this project. My next choice is to use the light lavender as the next border which is 2 inches. The floral in the center of the star will be the next border and will be 3 1/2 inches.
We are suppose to get together again on Monday to start the maching quilting. I bought lavender thread for this step.
The rainy weather is still keeping me inside but it is giving me time to finish up these projects before heading outside to the garden for the summer. Not including a couple of RR's I only have a couple of things to finish up. Back to my sewing room i go.......


Peticelul Romanesc said...

It looks great, everything in the right place:)Corina

Robert said...

Its awesome and ur blog is quite well-desinged..keep up the good work..u can also drop by my blog to check out some cool stuffs on friendship that I have updated of sure ur gonna like wishes :)

Gerry said...

Yikes, I hope this doesn't come through LOTS of times. Blogger, ARGH!!!!!

Anyway, this is a very pretty set of blocks. I love the colors. It will look just lovely on your table!

Susan said...

It's a pretty center. I think the green would have been too close in color to the large triangles, from the picture. The lavender would have been my choice, since the floral will be the outside border. I think it will be a really nice addition to your table!

Renea said...

It's time for me to admitt that this is the second set of blocks for this pattern. During the original construction the lighter green in the star was way too light and was too bluish, or pea green. I thought this from the first time I saw the block assembled. The ladies sewing with me were encouraging and I have to admit I almost bought it.

That evening I showed John. His first comment was, "That green does not work". Since this comment was from a man who does not want any say in decorating colors or flooring choices and could not even pick a roof color....well,off to the fabric store I went, hollaring "HELP". Maybe this is what happens when you try to use fabric in your stash from the 70's. Only the greens were a new purchase.

Yes, this color combination is darker. Perhaps that is what I am fighting and have never said, "This is gorgeous". Nevertheless, I do like it and it will look nice on the table.

After all, the lesson here was triangles, the first time for me. Even though I don't have a daughter or daughter-in-law into purples I may pass it on.