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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Monday Friendship Star Day

Every other Monday I spend the day with several ladies who are beginner sane quilters. The avid quilter of the group decided to teach us triangles which is a first for me. If you check my blog, it’s the Friendship Star table runner.

Several weeks ago we completed the center blocks, constructing the star. I went home and completed the entire top right down to the pinning so I could quilt it. Yesterday we met again and what a day. All of us had a lesson with our friend the seam ripper!

We spent the day tearing out, resewing and tearing out again!! We were working on our points. Each time one of us tore out and resewed we would gather around the table for a block inspection. It was actually a great learning opportunity. Each step each of us took there were many questions. We discussed how did this happen; how do I correct this. We saw the solutions work in the end.

When I returned home I had purchased a new seam ripper. This one has a nice metal handle which suits my hands. It did feel strange to return home without seeing progress on the table runner. So maybe in time I will have the completed photo.
......meanwhile still trying to finish things up so I can get out in the garden. So far the weather is rainy and I am not feeling too guilty yet...........soon.....


Susan said...

What a great group! More people should do this, and there would be better piecing going on. =)

That's my favorite seam ripper. I like the fatter handle than the little skinny ones that always come with the machines.

Robert said...

Wow..thats awesome! Good to know that u guys do such a great job! and ur title of the blog is pretty catchy as well as touchy :) keep going and drop by my blog too for some fun stuffs on Friendship :)

Ati. said...

Hi, your table runner will become a nice one. do you take a photo when the borders are on please?