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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TAST Week 11 Buttonhole

I wanted to share this information I found on TAST that Sharon had posted. Check it out.

This is what Sharon B had to say:

A New Stitch Variety?
Posted by Sharon Bunder
Yesterday I spent some time bumping around the various sites of those people who are participating in the TAST Challenge when I came across Elisabeth’s post on Quieter moments. Elizabeth has developed a 3 pronged up and down buttonhole stitch. This immediately sent me scurrying about in my books and photocopies, notes and the like as I have a huge number of stitch varieties documented in 11 loose leaf files (all full and overflowing) I thought I had seen this stitch before, but I could not find it in any of my references. Would anyone who recognises it please let Elizabeth know. It may be a case of re-inventing a stitch but I think it might be new variety. I know I am going to play with it.

this link will take you to the Blog "Quieter Moments to see the step by step instructions with photos's.

Most of us who have been stitching awhile can accomplish the button hole stitch. For me, this meant that I had no motivation to complete Week 11 of TAST. Ssshhhhh don't tell I said that.

In reviewing Sharon's TAST site I found this information from the blog, Quieter Moments. The stitch variation she did was did spark my interest. Here are the results.

When I started stitching I thought I would do a seam treatment but the stitch wandered! I used two different rayon threads making the stitches sit back to back. Then added beads.

Now it's a centipede. :)

1 comment:

Susan said...

Looks like fun! I thought of a thorny bush, not a caterpillar. =) Thanks for the link. I probably wouldn't have seen this otherwise.