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Friday, January 12, 2007

Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge

This weeks Take a Stitch Challenge was the butthole stitch. I decided to include two variations today.
One as a motif, making a wheel centered with a single bead. The second as a simple seam treatment.

The thread I selected was a blue varigated floss. I felt this did not show adequately in the photo. I am sure if I had selected the lighter blue varigated by DMC I would of seen the results I was looking for.


Susan said...

Love your stitches. The wheels are such fun to do, and variegated thread is my favorite for them. That seam on the bottom is really nice, too.

But what did you do on my block? She asks in a wheedling tone. =)

Charlene said...

I may have been out of it, but this is the first time I've noticed your blog - very nice job you're doing!

Your stitching is lovely! Subtle varigated thread is hard to capture good photos for me, too.

Renea said...

I have been blogging for a while in these two areas and made a change. Niether of them work well with web rings.

I love varigated threads and use them frequently.

Thanks for visiting.

Candi Harris said...

I love the work you've done. I haven't done the wheels yet, but now you've inspired me to go do it:)

Gerry said...

Hey there. Love the stitches and the blog changes. Keep up the GOOD WORK!