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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Espresso Anyone?

I have been working on this project since November. With all of the fall and winter weather woes I have had the time. The pattern is by McKenna Ryan and suppose to be about 7 x 23. During construction I had an idea and it is now about 10 x 50 so that it would fit the window as a valance. This is a closeup and shows my applique` lesson. I need to work on this lesson. Now I need to do some shopping for a few antique coffee or tea pots to decorate the kitchen with.

You can find more McKenna Ryan quilt ideas here:


Susan said...

I love your valance! That's a wonderful way to practice applique skills. What's next?

Gerry said...

This is too cute. I pictured it so different when we chatted. Nice job!

Ati. said...

That looks very nice Renea, did you the applique by hand or by machine? Here in Norway in the little group (5ladies) they do all by machine. The make table runners and wallquilts everything by machine. They look mostly strange to me when I bring some CQ. LOL
So now I go and will finish a bed-quilt there for my granddaughter.