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Friday, January 19, 2007

Week 3 of Take a Stitch Tuesday Challenge

About a month ago I had recieved an envelope with several designs to use for motifs. I decided to use the tea pot.

The peacock was emailed to me. The process I used to transfer the motif was simple. I layed "Press and Seal" over the design, then traced it. I placed the Press and Seal over the fabric and stitched. I did need to spend a few minutes removing the Press and Seal, but the results are woth it.

I used the Lazy daisy stitch on the flowers of the tea pot then as a running stitch below.

There two colors of thread used doing the lazy daisy stitch in the feather, a single one for the running stitch.

The feather was created by placing a bead in the center, adding a bullion wrapped about 35 times, then the lazy daisy stitch was added.

This link will take you to more photo's from stitchers taking the TAST Challenge.

This link will take you to the TAST Challenge web site. Go ahead take the challenge and follow along with all the stitching.


Gerry said...

LOVE THEM BOTH~~~~ What a great job!

Ati. said...

What a beautiful hearts.I love the peacock, it turned out very nice!
And sorry, you don't get the bag, it is already in Holland now and she likes it. :-))

Susan said...

Beautiful hearts. Are you keeping these two or trading them? Anyone would be happy to have them. You did a great job on the peacock. Did you find all the ones that Pam has on her flickr site?