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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vintage Car Quilts

Here is a picture of a quilt top I completed yesterday.
I am making two car quilts. One with Model T fabric and this one done with fabrics from "Vintage Cars".
Both quilts are different. The Model T quilt is for me. This one is for.....maybe I will sell it.

The vintage car quilt does not have a pattern. I constructed it by hanging it up, looking, and walaaa, I will do this to it.

Right now I am happy with the way it turned out. I have the backing fabric too. I will use the black fabric which is actually tires. the binding will be done with the red fabric. It is 70x75.

For the actual quilting: I do have some line drawings of old cars for the larger blocks. Perhaps some feathers in the open light blue areas. The center is a panel, maybe some free motion squiggles to make the cars stand out. Any other suggestions are welcome.

I am calling myself a "Topper". It seems the last couple of years that is all the farther I get on my quilts. Make a top and move on to the next top. I might have 8 of these now. I do the top, get the backing.....

I am now headed to Joann's with my coupon for batting. Determined to complete this one.

It was a free pattern I printed off the Internet. I would look it up but I have loaned the pattern out already.
This was another quick and easy one to do. I am definitely keeping this one.

The fabrics are Timeless Treasures. If you notice the model T fabric is directional so I made the cars fan out from the center. The pinwheels were suppose to be a color with white. I did not want too much white in this quilt because of the way it was going to be used.

There is enough of the model T fabric for the backing. Again, another top waiting for me.

We have 3 Model T's. I will use this one in the car to stay warm. Often we travel to picnics and there is not room for chairs so a quilt on the ground will have to do.

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