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Friday, December 09, 2011

Angel Mug Rug

Isn't this angel adorable, yes!! 
Her  wings are very lacy looking.  She included hearts on her socks. I found her at PLB Designs
I love it when I stitch out a design and it stitches as designed, no problems!

 I decided to stitch her out and gift her to a friend. I know she will not see this post until she opens her package, so I am safe. In the digital world, posting of blogs, FaceBook, we could let all our secrets out.

This little project is a crazy quilted mug rug. I have added lace and ribbons with some fancy stitches.
It is a bit larger than I planned at 8 x 10. Before starting I asked Laurie about the things she collected, she answered, "angels"; what is your favorite color, she answered "purple".  I think this is just perfect for her. It  will look good on her desk while she is at her computer.

I have several more Christmas projects waiting to be photographed and wrapped. It will be awhile before those photo's are posted. I know those guys are in here peeking. Shhhhh, it's the time of year for secrets.
Merry Christmas to all of  you


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Hi Renea~ I really like the idea of a mug rug and this one is adorable! Say, what's with the previous comment? Janell

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