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Friday, January 09, 2009

Another Pineapple Express Comes Through

I know that my blog is about my sewing projects, then I creep into the family entries also.
Today I am showing you something a bit different.

I live in the Pacific Northwest in a rural area. I have a fondness for the quiet places to walk and what I see. There are not two days alike out here; especially when it comes to weather. This week our weather pattern has been to referred to as the Pineapple Express. This means our weather comes from the Hawaii area and heads to Washington. It causes the rain to hit the area like a train! The week before the area was covered with snow. The warmer temperatures melt the snow in the lowlands and causes snow melt on the mountain. When the rains hit us this way, and we have the snow melt that means a lot of water for our lakes and rivers.

About 24 hours into the storm they called for an evacuation of 2 small towns. Roads became unassailable in the outline areas. This included my area. A small river runs through our property and it also over flowed. I have never seen this river this high.

The picture above show where two logs have disappeared. These logs were the beginning of the path that followed the river and was part of my morning walks. This is at the north end of our property.

These two pictures are of the south end and show where the river has come over its banks. We are the last house before you come to the lake. The lake also crested and over flowed its banks closing the last road we had access of. If you think about it we had become an island. These pictures also look to the lake.

The lake is "just" around the corner. I was hoping that the pictures would show the white caps and you could see how fast the water is moving. The sound of rocks rolling under the water.
Now we will be waiting for the river to recede back to normal and see what path it takes. There will probably be a new normal for our river.

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Susan said...

Those pictures are amazing! I hear there's another storm coming? Or is that only around Sacramento? But, wow, that's a lot of water. Hope you are high!