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Monday, August 20, 2007

Applique` Table Runner

I have not been a faithful blogger over the summer months. No excuses, other than it's summer and I have been spending the majority of my time outdoors and entertaining family. Okay, I will be honest! I have been doing way too much partying! Having way too much fun. First was the wedding, then the "bon voyage" party for our son's family. Last weekend was a "ho down"......ever been to a ho down? It was a first for me. Lots of hay bales for seating. Backwoods cowboy hats and live music! Including the whole pig being roasted on a spit and great friends down by the river! Just picture redneck!
Now back to the right subject.....quilting.
My quilting has been set a side during the summer months too. The one thing I have kept up with is the quilting group. We have switched from Monday to Thursday evenings to accommodate those that work. It is working out time wise but we sure don't get as much sewing done.

We are just finishing up on our applique projects. We wanted to learn needle turn applique technique. As usual we worked the same pattern but choose our own fabrics. Here is a closeup of the applique section.

The entire project is done in red's with roses. Even the off white has tone on tone roses bus should still be appropriate for the holidays. The runner unfinished is 18.5 x 30.
This picture shows the fabrics I used. Yes, it's all pinned and secured for quilting, but first a trip to town for a making pen. After this I will bind it using the green leaf fabric.
I am pleased with the results. Our group has chosen another applique pattern to do to make sure we have this technique down.


Gerry said...

ROFL. I just can't quite picture you REDNECK! Too funny. It sounds like you've had a great summer.

The runner is really nice. You seem to enjoy your quilt group.

Well, hugs and kissess to you, DH, Fritz and Max!

Susan said...

Hey, party girl! Sounds like a great summer! And your applique looks good from here. Was that taught by my friend, Weze? That looks like what she calls her fried egg flowers! She does them on everything!

Louisiana Momma said...

your garden sounds so tasty! Seeing people canning reminds me of the days I would sit and watch my grandma do her canning..

I love your table runner.. I have been venturing into applique and I love it.

Frederique said...

Great! This table runner will be gorgeous!

Dick0369 said...