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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Since It's Raining I Am Indoors Today~~~Quilting!!!

Today is one of those drippy misty rainy days that Washington sees frequently. Out of the yard I come and back to the inside things I like to do. The Food Network channel is on, brownies in the oven~~~~~~

This floral block the the first steps for a 14 inch decorative pillow top. Notice no triangles just squares.

The pillow is the current project with the Monday Quilters I meet with.

Some of you may recognize this wild fruit fabric from a shopping spree at the PNW Sewing Expo earlier this spring. I finally found a pattern that works. Then I had to go on a hunt for the right bright blue to compliment this.

The pattern is from a book I had purchased eon's ago called, AT HOME WITH THIMBLEBERRIES QUILTS, by Lynette Jensen. It is a good thing books with idea's never get old. This is the first pattern I have done in this book. It is my quess I have had the book about 15 years.

I appliqued the teapots using a fusible web. Then the button hole stitch to secure the edges. I am a beginner at the appliqueing and this process works the best for me.

At this point, the four blocks are together and I am working on the first border. Then outer border and binding need to be done.


Charlene said...

Love the colors you've chosen for the new blocks. Bet it felt good to feel the fabric for a while, didn't it?

Gerry said...

Your teapots are too darn cute! Great colors, and I like they are facing different directions. Nice work, Renea!

Susan said...

What a cute way to use this fabric! I love buttonhole applique, hand or machine. It's fun!

Candi Harris said...

Oh Renea, I love your choice of colors! Those are just great!