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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ati's Heart Quilt for Donation to American Hero Quilts

I have written a couple of posts about the American Hero Quilts and had challenged you to help this group with donations. Donations could be fabric, quilt tops, or quilting. This group is based in Washington and donates the lap sized quilts to the wounded who come back from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most of us know, some of us have experienced the horrors of what war can do. Those of us who sit in the safety of our homes waiting for loved ones to come home. Sometimes our prayers are not answered. Many of the soldiers have families waiting at home for them. Families with small children. What if that child's parent does not return home?

The American Hero Quilting Group is also requesting lap sized quilts for the children who are left behind when a parent does not return home.

This is why I would like to refer you to Ati's Blog. She has posted a a quilt top to donate to the quilting group. Ati lives in Norway and her native county is the Netherlands. I met Ati in a crazy quilting group CQN. She also joined a group that I am a member of called, COH where we make 6 inch crazy quilted hearts and swap them. I have collected hearts internationally. Ati has taken this one step further and taken the hearts she has collected and made them into a gorgeous quilt top. Even one of my hearts is included! Until I saw Ati's quilt I did not know that the quilting group needed "comfort quilts" for the children who have lost a parent.

Here is a picture of her quilt top. I want to thank Ati for doing this project for the children. I currently have two quilts going for American hero quilts

If you are unable to work with the colors red, white or blue, perhaps something bright and cheerful for a young child who has lost a parent would inspire you as it has Ati.

Dank u voor het doen van dit project voor de kinderen. Dank u voor het zijn u!


Susan said...

Thanks for making this project a priority, Renea! Ati was so sweet to make that top!

Candi Harris said...

Renea, you are so thoughtful! What a giving person you are:)