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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Recently a sewing group was started in the small town where I live. Yes I was there too. There were knitters, quilters, and those who embroidered. WE meet for a few hours exchange ideas and helpful hints. The expertise is from beginners to experts.

Me being me I came home with several boxes of things. Until I got home I was only able to skim the top of each box. I had only noticed that the fabrics were...I don’t want to use the word "old" here.........from the 60's and 70's. Each block very delicately sewn together into strips.

When I was able to tear into the boxes and spread everything out I found more! Oh and more is good right. There were several strips of flannel that someone had started. Each strip is the same size and carefully top stitched. Each strip is of different flannel prints, very dated. There is enough to make a baby blanket. I will put this away for later. Threre is no extra fabric for this project.

The next piece I found was done in red, white and blue. These are not my colors to work with but I quickly purchased some solid fabrics to match it. Here is a closeup of the 4 blocks that were put together. I couldn’t decide whether the red or blue border should go on first or last so I alternated them. I do like the effects. This quilt top before the border was about 25 inches square.

It is hard to see, the picture didn’t do justice to it. The border fabrics really pulled it together. Each border strip is 2 inches; which finishes it at about 32 inches. When this is complete, it will make a nice center piece for the table. My plan is to raffle this one as a fund raiser.

As it sits now, the top is complete, the batting is cut, but I need to decide what to do with the back of it.

The next blocks I found were not so pretty but neatly done. All the points were right on, professionally done. I guess brown is not my color. There are 6 blocks that measure 12 ½ inches each. I have no idea how long they have been in this box but they still look ironed! The other problem I am having is deciding on what color of coordinating fabrics to use. There is a small flower in this block with a bit of green and red. What would you do? Here is the close up of the brown fabric. These blocks when complete will also be raffled off as a fund raiser.

The last piece I want to talk about is done it pink plaid and black and about 25 inches square. I am fearful of the fabric content and holding up in the wash. I should probably run it through the washer and dryer to see what happens. If it survives it could be another project. Again, I would never use this color combination but you never know. There is something about this piece I do like, whatever that is. What would you do with this? The only thought i came up with was black fabric with swirley's or something in it.

Just so you know, I need to head out. This time I am taking an accomplice with me. We are heading back to pick up more boxes! I will keep you posted!


Charlene said...

Well, you've got the threads to follow to vision here, haven't you? Great find of treasures. I, too, like the pink and black. Perhaps a black toille - dipped in pink??

Susan said...

I love the bear paw blocks! That's my second favorite pattern.

The pink plaid/black piece. How big do you want it to be? If you want it small, a 1" finished pink border, then 2" finished green, then 3" finished black, would make it a littel bigger.

If you want it a lot bigger, after that you could add maybe a checkerboard the same size squares as these - a black with black toile or green plaid (since I'm sure you won't find a plaid anything like the one that's already in there), as many rows as needed to make it the size you want, finishing with another skinny pink then wide black border.

Ati. said...

Wow you get a lot of work to do here. But this is fun. I agree with Susan, about the pink/black piece. 3 borders would be fine.
I am looking forward what you will do with the others :)

Renea said...

There is alot to do here. The bulk squares will be a group project, which will make it easier.

I do like the idea of black toille. Then a small border of the right green could update it some. For some reason I like this pink and black piece.

The bear paw is pretty. Again, I am not a poka dot person but I am patriotic. Don't be suprised if i keep this one.