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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Most of you know that we have a son in the Navy, in his second tour in Iraq. The first news we had during the month of January extended his tour in Iraq another month. He is almost half way through this tour.

The second news we received is to transfer our son and his family to Iwakuni Japan. Right now he is scheduled to make this move this summer. Sometime in July or August. All of the details need to be worked out. Especially since he does not have a definite return date for leaving Iraq.

The down side of this is he is taking his children with him! They will be in Japan for 3 years which means Kendra will be 8 1/2, Kayden will be 6 ½ before I see them again. The whole idea of this does not sit well with this Nanna!!

I know there are allowances for the military families to return home for visits but....... I have to admit I was in a bit of a panic thinking of not seeing the grandbabies. Until I batted the 'ol blue eyes at hubby and said "pretty please can we!" I now am looking forward to the idea of the kids living abroad because we are already planning our vacation time to visit with them.

I will keep you updated on the events of the move.


Susan said...

LOL! That was my first thought - a trip to Japan! I've been to Tokyo once and it was really interesting - traffic is wild!

That's great that he knows where he'll go next, and it isn't back to Iraq, and it isn't unaccompanied!

Ati. said...

I understand your first reaction, but think about the experience they have! A learning process that will stay a lifetime. And you can look forward to an exiting holiday!