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Friday, January 05, 2007

Pansy SRE

Here are some silk ribbon pansy's on a hand towel. The pink ribbon for the bow is hand dyed and gathered as I went along.


Susan said...

Renea, this is just beautiful! You do lovely ribbon work.

Renea said...

Thanks Susan
I do like this piece, it is hanging in my bathroom. Yes, over a purple bath towel.

Many years ago I taught SRE at various fabric stores and senior centers.

Ati. said...

A beautiful bouquet! I didn't now you had a blog too, what a surprise. I just do a round this evening to see what others have done with the herringbone. 'See'you next week ;-)

Ati. said...

Renea I miss the 'around the blog' sign in the sidebar??

Renea said...

I am glad you found me. The Around the Block icon will be here soon.

I enjoy SRE. the results are always rewarding.

See you next week in TAST. I saw your flower challenge on Pats blog. Keep up the wonderul stitching and inspire the rest of us.

Susan said...

Oh, look! Renea has a webring logo! LOL!

Dick0369 said...