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Sunday, October 21, 2012

New York Beauty

As quilters, we are always collecting fabrics and tell ourselves, "Someday,  I want to make......".
A few things on my list of things to make are a Wedding Ring, Cathedral Windows and a New York Beauty quilt. I was up for a challenge.  I wanted my winter project to be "different". I have done block after block of repeats.

 I have been collecting fabrics from a line called "Kansas Troubles". I have added a few fabrics from other lines that work well.  The dark outer fabric is plum and will be on each of the 10 block patterns. This will be the prominent color in this quilt.  I will make 4 of each of the 10 blocks which are all 8 1/2 inches. This is also my first paper pieced quilt.

This is where I found my pattern.

Then I searched for PP'ing videos online and took notes. This took several months. I asked myself, can I really do this.  Who needs another UFO? I am not a PP'er so there was a learning curve here.

This is the first block and each of the four blocks will have the scrappy points with the same basket weave center. We will see what my other 9 blocks come up with as I do them. All the blocks point sections will be scrappy. The centers will also change.

Life has been so busy this year. I think I have not been in my sewing room for almost three months. I finally said, "That is it, I am spending the day in my sewing room". It was one of those nasty, rainy, windy PNW days with the fireplace going and homemade bread in the oven.

Did I pick up a UFO waiting for me? No....It's New York Beauty time.

So here we go:

 I was really impressed with PP'ing when I did the center of the block. It sewed up quickly. Rippit only came out once because I did not get my lights and dark's in the right order. Love those points.

Then I did the center, basket weave fabric.  rip rip rippit! My fabric folded over so many times and got in the way. It included some tucks too. I started pinning the excess fabric to hold it out of the way. That worked for me. Curved pieces.

Then I did the outside, the dark  plum fabric. It is two pieces and I sewed the narrow ends together, sewed it to the block, pressed it.  No No that is not a square. Shhheessshh rip rip rippit! A few more times too! Oh dear, who folded that fabric over?? rip rip rippit! This is curved pieces and I was afraid I would stretch out the fabrics.

The entire afternoon was spent doing ONE block as the rain streamed down my sewing room windows. I was thinking this was going to take me forever and why am I doing this? Oh yes, I wanted a challenge.

Now one block is completely done it is 4 pm DH is hungry....but wait...I loved doing this challenge. So back to my sewing room and I now have centers done to the other 3 block 1's. Maybe it took me 30 minutes to complete this section. I think I have the PP concept down now.

I love that all my points are there! Precision with the PP'ing is terrific.

If anyone wants to leave me some pointers on attaching the other pieces please do.

More PNW weather for today, so back to the sewing room I go. I really want to complete the other three blocks for this so I can start Block 2.