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Friday, December 11, 2009

Last Minute Gifts!!!

I received an email from my favorite quilt shop about making last minute gifts.
The headline was: 10 Minute Table Runner and Coasters Too! My thought's were: no way, now just how hoaky is that. Meanwhile, my other hand was sending an email to them signing up! Now I had to see this.

The table runner has four seams. Yes, that is it. Sew a tube, turn it inside out, sew the short sides and flip for a point. No batting no sandwiching to quilt it. I love it and it is very decorative. It actually took more than 10 minutes-classroom setting.

The project was the coaster. We purchased assorted Christmas prints, which were on sale!
They ran them through the Accurate Cutter into 5 inch squares. It took 5 squares per coaster. When they are properly stacked your sew all along the outside edge, turn them inside out and poof a coaster. I am sure many of you have made these, they fit nicely around stem ware too. The fabrics were festive and will be fun for gift giving.

Until then, stay warm!!! All week long we have had single digit cold weather. Max and Fritz ask to go out, but when I open the door they run and hide! Does that tell you anything? When it warms up i guess it will snow for me.

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