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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red Hat Ladies

Time has just been flying by around here. What have I been doing? Keep up, slaying all the dragons getting in our way.

My weed pile is getting taller, and already turning into dirt, it's a good thing. I will reuse all this dirt next year in the garden.
I even have more weeds growing. Speaking of gardens, I have really fed the Elk this year. They had a smorgasbord out here and have ended up with more goodies than we did.

This week I dusted off my sewing machines and embroidered some gifts for a friend leaving work and becoming a full time snow bird. She is a red hatter so she will add these items to her collection. The next step is to make my base so I can crazy quilt them to the red bag. The RW needs a tassel on the bookmark.

Time to hurry they need to be done by Saturday. In times like this, why do I rush myself???????????? If anyone is interested, this link will take you to the "Red Hat Ladies". Would you believe that they were freebies!

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