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Monday, February 04, 2008

My Daughter's Lap Quilt

Another finished quilt. Sometimes we just have too many projects going at once. Hurray! Another one is finished.

I had purchased this material to make myself a lap quilt. The same day my daughter arrived and fell in love with the fabric. What! I am thinking it is not even her standard color choice.
She only likes anything blue.

I decided to show her a few patterns thinking she would get bored and forget about the fabric. Noooooo, she finds this pattern and decides which fabrics go next to each other and lays it all out!

When the weekend is over I race back to the fabric store to make sure I can get more yardage. I needed to make this larger than i had planned for her and her family AND make sure there was fabric enough for me. Thank goodness the quilt shop had enough for my plan. I needed to still decide what to do for the backing but i would deal with that later. The quilt is almost twin size, I wanted to make this large enough for her and the three kids to snuggle under with popcorn and movies; and yes washable.

As you can see, our "Princess" borrowed the quilt to watch a movie before the quilt left the house. She is actually not feeling well and watching a movie. Can you tell the "Princess" loves band aids! I have a feeling that my daughter will have a hard time snuggling under this quilt by herself!

The floral fabric in this quilt is a reproduction fabric. It was definitely a surprise that I was able to match it up with modern fabrics. Especially when you are matching purples and pomegranate colors. The backing is hodge podge matching colors. The quilting is stitch in the ditch.

I still have enough yardage to make myself a quilt but that project is on the back burner. I have carried too many unfinished projects into the first of the year and need to have those completed before moving on.

This is an entirely different topic........ BUT........ Jodi, the person who the quilt belongs to and Clay in the previous post hold "King Cole" are twins. There is no way they are alike.


Susan said...

What a great quilt. I can see why both of you fell in love with the colors!

Charlene said...

Don't you just love it when a plan falls apart? ;-) What we won't do for our kids -- and love every minute of it. It is a beautiful quilt, and I love the selection of fabrics too.

What is it about kids and band aids? Think they all go through that loving 'em phase!