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Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Gracie Quilt

Another quilt is finished. I call this one "The Gracie Quilt". In my sewing group we were talking about how most of us stashed fabric in every nook and cranny. One of the ladies pulled out some boxes of fabric and laying on top was this gorgeous purple fabric. I immediately grabbed the top piece. I looked at her with big eyes, and please do not make me put this fabric back. As wonderful as she is I was fortunate enough to come home with the this fabric. She had had this fabric for about 10 years. I was feeling so very lucky!

This fabric has a cream background with little girls with Blondie hair all standing in the same direction. She is in a purple polka dotted dress, 60's style with white socks and black patten leather shoes. Above each girl is the name "Gracie". This happens to be the name of our youngest grand daughter. Here she is on Christmas with her new blanket.

At the age of 2, she can not read and it was a blanket. This is where reality set in, I was more excited about this quilt and our little Miss Gracie has no idea.

The quilt is not pieced. It was November when I received the fabric which meant I was in a time crunch, There was still other projects to finish.

I had a yard and a half of "Gracie fabric" so I only framed this fabric with a single border. Simple.

I did do some different things as far as quilting. Remember the embroidery machine? I had downloaded several quilting motifs and used a simple circle within a circle pattern to quilt this. It left a flower design on the back which shows up nicely. I wanted a simple design so that it did not distract from "the Gracie's" on the front. There are also strings of random hearts on the border and a single heart in each corner.

This closeup shows her name above each little girl. Now you know why I could not resist.