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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

American Hero Quilts Update

Some of you have already read my recent post regarding American Hero Quilts and my personal challenge to support this quilt group. I support them because I believe in what they are doing. You may not share my opinion, nor do you need to. In fact, I don't even want to change your mind regarding your opinion. Our troops consist of family members from each of us. As an American citizen we have the right to be for or against the issues regarding the reason our troops are in Iraq or Afghanistan. Nevertheless, our troops are coming home. Each and every member of our military need to be commended for what they do, the sacrifices they make. The reason they are there does not matter.

At the time of the posting I sent an email to the quilting group so they would know about my support and the challenge that I had posted.

This is a portion of the response I received from Sue Nebeker. I wanted all of you to know that the amount of quilts requested has grown. I urge all of you review my challenge and support them as I do.

Here is what she had to say:

Good Morning Renea,
Thank you so much for your wonderful support. Many things have changed since that original newspaper article. We are trying to support people in the medical holds as well as Madigan Arny Hospital and any other military hospital in our region. The first couple of years we were delivering 100 quilts every five to six months to Madigan. They are now asking for 50-60 a month and we always need another 30-40 for VA's rehabs etc. Our label quit saying "from the people of Vashon" since that first quilt delivery. It says, "you are our hero, thank you."

"snip snip"

Thank you for making a difference.

Sue Nebeker


Susan said...

Always room for more volunteers! I'm so glad to see someone joining the effort! I hope lots of people answer your challenge.

Judy L's Quilt for an Hour design for April is great for using any 6.5" blocks that are lying around, not just 9-patches. It's quick to run one up. There are two on my regular quilting blog. One was just Betty Boop squares I cut from a print fabric. =)

Renea said...

There is room for alot of volunteers in this area. I have collected yardage and batting from friends. The FOE is going to try and schedule a fund raiser for American Hero quilts. I will post more on this later. Now it is time for me to go fishing!