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Friday, April 13, 2007

TAST Week 14 Bonnet Stitch

This stitch was a challenge. In fact, it was enough of a challenge I only did it on this doodle cloth. This is the photo of my first attempt. It is unrecognizable to say the least. My problem is how it is wrapped around the vertical stitch. The first wrap i did not pass through the fabric, the second wrap i did. I have no idea if I am wrong or right.
A few days later I tried again. There is a lot of improvement here but not good enough to actually start using this stitch yet.

Helpful hints are welcome but no throwing of tomatoes!


Virgi said...

Renea, I do not have any hint for you since it was so difficult to perform for me too.
Nice try, anyways!

kay susan said...

Renea, I will try to give a hint. First you make a twisted chain stitch. It should look like a rabbit with two 'ears' at the top. You take your needle and put it under the right 'ear' but not through the fabric, pull the thread through. Then you make s simple chain stitch by inserting the needle between the 'ears' and out through the bottom of the rabbit. Take your thread round the tip of the needle and pull through. Hope this helps, its difficult to describe in words.

Also, look at:

Renea said...

Bunny ears and rabbits!! This language I understand.

These are exactly the hints I needed.

I have stitched a couple of stitches up while reading your comments. I am going to try this again this evening. I think this is it!!!

Thanks so much Kay!

kay susan said...

Renea, sorry - I got confused and gave you instructions for oyster stitch! I must have had a 'senior' moment, it was on my mind because I had been really struggling with it. I've put bonnet stitch here, on flickr:

The 'wrap' is made by starting the second loop just above the point where you very first brought the needle through from the back of the fabric, ready to make the first stitch. It's still a rabbit! One 'sideways' buttonhole stitch makes the 'ears' the second 'sideways' buttonhole stitch makes the face.