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Friday, February 02, 2007

A Friend Indeed

Every once in awhile something happens during your normal day that makes your heart skip a beat. Yesterday this happened to me.

In the morning I took off to town for general errands letting Max and Fritz ride a long. On my return I stopped at the mailbox to pick up the mail. I peaked in the box, and there was a fair amount of items left; and a package. Had I been online shopping? Had John been Ebaying again? I swear he now owns that place!

Back in the car, up the driveway, park, let Max and Fritz out, grab the mail and closed the gate, heading for the house. My thoughts are on the package that had found it’s way from Texas. Finding the scissors, I opened the package to find fabric! Lots of fabric. This is where my heart skipped a beat!

The story behind this is interesting. Several months ago I had decided that John needed a lap quilt done in fish fabric. The fabric stores I have in the area no longer carry this item. I have found it online but I never made a purchase. What if the color's weren’t right? That would be horrible and then the project would end up in the UFO pile.

The other part of this story is about the new friend from one of my online crazy quilting groups. She is from the state of Texas. You can find her blog at . In January her husband left town for a week on a business trip. During this time she decided to clean and sort her studio and fabric stash to get her business going. She took pictures of fabric laying everywhere. She has been dubbed the "Fabric Queen" meaning she has the biggest personal fabric stash around. But then, we are talking about Texas here! I should of known.

It was during this time, that I continually asked, :"Any fish fabric in there?" She always replied "No, I wouldn’t buy something like that. It’s just not me." Her reply would cause a snicker at my end. This is why I was surprised when I opened the package of fish fabric. In fact, I was so excited I had to call her! I have had to promise her pictures of the completed project though. The fabric's she put together are perfectly matched and belong to together.

A big thank you to Gerry, my Southpaw Sewing Friend, who has sent this package to me. This tells me she is a very giving person. It is definitely an example of a random act of kindness.

Friends come to us in many ways. Technology has opened many avenues of communication keeping friends and families in touch. Have you reached out to a friend or family member recently?


Susan said...

What a great surprise! Gerry is a very generous and kind woman, I agree.

Ati. said...

Hi Renea, That will be a nice quilt. You are lucky with a friend like Gerry! How convinient that she was drawing out all the fabric and found this pieces ;-)

Renea said...

Friends show up on your door step in many ways.

I showed the fabric to John, he still doesn't know what it is for. He didn't even question "the stash" aspect of it!

He has taken a couple extra days off next week, so when he returns to work I will start cutting.

Gerry said...

Oh, you make me choke up. And you're going to screw up my 'Nasty' reputation :-) Hugs!

Renea said...

I won't tell a soul Gerry, I just typed it :)

Your thoughtfulness is very appreciated.