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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Boy do I have a dilemma here!

A friend of mine approached me on one of my trips to town. We ended up standing around our grocery carts having this conversation about family, great finds and quilts.

She had been to a second hand store and purchased a quilt top. She wanted to get it finished off for a fund raiser of some sort. I gallantly raised my hand and thinking this was right up my alley. After all, all I had to do was finish it off right?

The day arrives when she comes to my house to deliver the quilt top. Its all folded up and by looking at the stack I knew it was a big one. We measured it out and it is 89 x 103. Holy cow, the work someone went through to get this done. My second glance told me it is done in polyester! Know wonder the colors are still so vibrant. The only other thing I know that is not "biodegradeable" are disposable diapers.

Each star is precisely pieced, each point of the star is right on. Somebody spent a lot of time on this. As a finished piece the quilt should make a great item for a fundraiser.

This project brings in so many questions.
The quilt top is already heavy. This made me think of a lightweight batting.
Since it is polyester, what fabric content can I use for the backing? Stick to cotton, or a blend? How is this going to lay right?
Hand quilting is out because it would take me so long. Would a stitch in the ditch concept work? Should I just tie it?

  • I am so open to suggestions right now. All of your solutions and comments are welcome.


Gerry said...

Oh this is very nice. Sorry, but I have NO IDEA about Polyester. Good luck~~~~~~~~

Lauri said...

Hi Renea
My Grandmother made one of these too. OH MY!
I would use the lightest possible batting and tie it. For the backing I would use a poly/cotton broadcloth.Especially as you will need 9 yarsd for the back and that is alot of money to put into something as a favor to someone.Just my 2 cents

Renea said...

Yes, I thought of the expense of backing this too. I could evaluate the cost of a blend fabric and scrounge the clearnace section for sheets.

Would a termal blanket be too heavy for the batting?

SOH 2007 said...

I agree. A Poly-cotton or very lightweight blanket that's pre-washed would be good. Then tie it. That would look like it's period. Most of the ones I've seen like that were tied.

NormaH said...

Renea, when you get ready to tie this be sure to use the curved needles..... that's what they were made for - tying quilts! and use crochet thread instead of yarn. It will hold up longer and be easier to work with........ ask me how I know VBG

Sometimes you can get a good grade of muslin at 50% off which would make an excellent backing..... clearance section for sheets is also an excellent idea.

Renea said...

Many years ago several of us were going through grandma's things. I picked up a package of needles. Inside was her curved needle.

The only other thing I have used this needle for is sewing my turkey together after I stuff him.

The curved needle and crochet thread would save alot of time and my hands.

This is a good idea. Tying this bulky, heavy quilt is a much better idea than trying manuever it under the machine.

All of your comments are helpful.

Susan said...

It's actually an attractive quilt, too. If it's really heavy, why put any batting in at all?

Ati. said...

Hi Renea, I would use a lightweight polyester batting and a polyester/cotton blanding for the back. I would stitch it in the ditch with the machine because when you tie this large piece the knots will pull through after a few years.

Debra Spincic said...

No batting and flannel on the back, tie it with the crochet thread.

Maddie Can Fly said...

I know I'm a little late on this one, but I've done poly quilts before. A lightweight batting (poly) and if you're going to tie it, you can use a sheet for the backing -- lots of fabric for your money. You can "tie" with a sheet as backing, but don't try to quilt through one.